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"A smart alternative for teachers and
parents to play at rest time, this CD
contains over an hour of traditional
fairy tales, each presented with natural
consequences and a moral/life lesson
at the end. Ideal for children of all ages,
these classic stories are simple to
follow and listen to while
simultaneously allowing children's
minds room for imagination.
Conceived, and appropriately
edited/adapted by a preschool

S. Swanson, Sr Editor,
Early Childhood News
Volume 3 Christmas Stories
Naptime Nanny Quiet Time Stories are also available for mp3 download from this site. Chilren's Stories are a wonderful gift for holidays or birthdays and
perfect for children pre-school age through grade school.
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tips are posted
Volumes  1 & 2
Classic Fairy-Tale
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Over an hour of narrated Children's Stories on
each CD.
Written and narrated by a pre-school teacher
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